Our Testimonials

When I first shared with family and friends that my daughter would be attending Jack and Jill Preschool, but for "just two days a week" (and half days at that). I t seemed like such a short amount of time, but WOW!  What those four amazing women did for my girl "just two days a week" was so awesome that she fell in love with them all.  It was an experience that meant the world to this working mom; just to be able to trust and  be so happy that my girl was with them.

Our forever gratittude,
The Howard- Donlins
Dudley, MA

Our kids have attended Jack and Jill Preschool for five consecutive years. These years have truly been a pleasure for me as a parent and for my children. The nurturing and caring staff has made our preschool experience one to remember. My daughter had a difficult transition to preschool as she did not want to leave her mom. The staff held and comforted her upon her arrival each day until she built the confidence to interact with others and stay without her mom. Although these teachers have up to 24 children, each and every one gets the special attention they need on a daily basis. In addition, the program structure at Jack and Jill is continuously enriching and the children continuously gain social and independent skills which are everlasting.  Thank you to the entire staff and administration for their continued efforts making sure our children grow in a supportive, friendly, and caring environment.

Denise and Dan Gleason
Oxford, MA

Our family has had the opportunity to have both of our children attend Jack and Jill Preschool. The staff went to great lengths to provide a nurturing and safe environment for each child under their care. As parents, we sought a school that would provide the most positive early education experience for our children. We feel Jack and Jill Preschool has laid an outstanding foundation for the way our children will view school in the future. Each day our children were greeted with the bright and smiling faces of their teacher. The atmosphere in the classroom has always been one of happiness and excitement for a new day to learn and explore. Our children have formed lasting memories of the time they spent at Jack and Jill with their teachers. As parents, this school and its staff will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

The Lundstrom Family
Dudley, MA

Two children and five years later seems just like yesterday. The teaching staff made us all feel "at home" while the children looked forward to the days on which "they had to go to school"! As parents, we truly enjoyed the many "on stage" productions of class songs, plays and graduations. We especially enjoyed the annual Art Festival in April where all of the children were able to express their own "impressions" of artists they were introduced to in class: it was something the family liked forward to each year. They were always so secretive, yet very excited and proud for us to be able to come see what they had created! Truly a wonderful experience for all of us - thank you to the teaching staff at Jack and Jill - you’re the best!!

Tim and Kelly Brown
North Oxford, MA

Our experience with Jack and Jill preschool has been nothing less than fantastic!  We love knowing that when we send our daughter to school that she is in a safe, nurturing environment where she is making friends and having lots of fun.  The entire staff at Jack and Jill Preschool takes a personal interest in each child and parent who walks through the door.  They know just how to make everyone feel valued and respected.  They take such pride in their work and especially the work of the children.  We were so impressed with the annual Art Show in particular.  Our daughter still loves to show off her "still life" masterpiece! The people at Jack and Jill Preschool go the extra mile to make learning a positive experience.  The well thought out field trips, concerts, plays and graduation ceremonies are memories our family will cherish for many years to come.  We feel quite confident that our daughter’s love of learning will continue to grow and develop over time.  Thank you Jack and Jill Preschool for instilling that love in all of your students.

Al and Donna Greenough
Charlton, MA

Jack & Jill Preschool was always the top choice to start our two daughters off on the road to a seamless education.  The reputation and quality of product stands as testimony to the caring, nurturing, and academic foundation being built in these, our children’s, formative years.  Jack & Jill has met or exceeded our expectations of the pre-school experience.  Being in public education ourselves, we appreciate the weekly learning plans sent home and the direct correlation to the Massachusetts Department of Education strands in regards to MCAS preparation.  Additionally, teachers and staff go the "extra mile" for all students.  Students are called by name and greeted at the door everyday with a smile.  Families are encouraged to be active participants in their son/daughter’s education through various programs such as the annual Christmas concert, the most creative Arts Fair, and even a pet show in which students are encouraged to present their pet (real or fictitious) to their classmates.  Beyond that, staff is most attentive to individual student needs, and even helped us by advocating for special education services, speech therapy, as our youngest child was demonstrating articulation difficulties.  Jack & Jill supports the assumption that every child arrives at school ready and willing to learn, my wife and I are very proud that we chose Jack & Jill as the first step in our children’s formal educations.

Audrey and Daniel Coonan
North Oxford, MA

Last year, when it was time to choose a preschool for my 3-year-old, I was worried.  I couldn’t imagine leaving my "baby" with strangers.  But after seeing the gentle, loving, patient ways the teachers at Jack and Jill teach, I soon realized that I made the right choice - the only choice - for our family.  I love everything from the child to teacher ratios, to the creativity-fostering class performances and art shows, to the daily one-to-one contact I have with my child’s teacher.  Now in our second year, the teachers and staff at Jack and Jill are no longer strangers; they are trusted professionals, nurturers, and friends, and I thank them for making my child feel loved and celebrated every day!

Tracy and Steve Ide
Dudley, MA

We were on the waiting list for entry for our oldest daughter and were very fortunate to receive a call that there was an opening.  It was a great decision.  She was shy at first but overcame it very easily, with the help of the warm, caring and nurturing teaching staff.  The curriculum varies from year to year and offers the children opportunities to develop individually.  The 1st and 2nd year classes perform a Christmas program for friends and family while the Pre-K classes perform both a Thanksgiving and original play for the younger classes, friends and families.  The highlight of the year is the annual Art Festival where art projects from each child in all of the classes are proudly displayed.  Our youngest daughter couldn't wait to attend school after watching her big sister go and she loves it!  The teachers and staff always greet the children with smiles and even hugs.  It has been a wonderful experience for all of us for the past 5 years and we will miss it.

The Grybowski Family
Charlton, MA