Our Programs


Tuesday/Thursday AM class is for the youngest of our students, those 3 year olds who are just beginning to develop social skills and are separating from their parents for the first time.  They have the freedom to play where they choose in our learning centers.  Our structured activities, story time, music and show and tell, are interspersed throughout the morning as their attention span allows. (Max. 24 children, 4 teachers.)

Tuesday/Thursday PM class is appropriate for the older 3 and younger 4 year olds.  They will still have reading, music, arts and free play, however, these children will be able to engage in more activities, and more structure.  We will introduce the music teacher to this class, and offer an occasional cooking class. (Max. 24 children, 4 teachers.)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday AM class is for the child who still needs free time for play and socialization, but is able to engage in some organized routines.  Academic concepts will be made available to children as their awareness emerges.  They will see the music teacher and participate in cooking classes about once each month. (Max. 24 children, 4 teachers.)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday PM class is for the 4 year olds who have developed some of their academic readiness skills and are looking for more organized structure and activities.  The teachers expand on the curriculum of the AM class and offer a more challenging session for the children who have the capability to focus longer.  The music and cooking classes will be offered more often to these children. (Max. 24 children, 4 teachers.)

3 Day Pre-K classes (identical in the AM and PM) are for 4 and 5 year olds. These children will engage in emergent literacy and many organized activities that encourage developing readiness skills.  Their curriculum will encompass social studies and science, as well as art and music.  Related field trips and invited classroom guests enhance their learning process. (Max. 10 children, 1 teacher, assistant shared with 5 day.)

5 Day Pre-K classes are for the 5 year olds not yet eligible for Kindergarten.  The curriculum is the same as the 3-day Pre-K with additional emphasis on math awareness, literature, and extra activities which enhance the unit themes.  The AM and PM sessions are identical and individual attention is at its optimum in this class. (Max. 8 children, 1 teacher, assistant shared with 3 day.)